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Top 10 Tech Recruitment Agencies in Nigeria 

Discover 10 tech recruitment agencies in Nigeria that help companies find top tech talent for their businesses. Find the right partner for your tech hiring needs.


The need for qualified tech professionals is greater than ever as Nigeria continues to gain prominence in the global tech industry. Top talent is always sought after by businesses in order to spur innovation and preserve a competitive edge. However, given the changing nature of the tech business, finding the proper personnel can be a challenging process. Specialized tech recruitment agencies in Nigeria can help in this situation. These organizations are professionals in locating and connecting the ideal applicants with available positions. In this article, we will explore the top 10 tech recruitment agencies in Nigeria that are spearheading the effort to close the skills gap and advance the tech sector will be discussed in this article.

Top 10 Tech Recruitment Agencies in Nigeria

It can be difficult to find the right people or land a tech job in Nigeria’s rapidly developing IT sector. By linking qualified workers with businesses in need, tech recruitment agencies are essential in closing this gap. The top ten tech recruitment agencies in Nigeria are listed below:

1. Analogue Shifts

Analogue Shifts

Analogue Shifts is a talent acquisition and project management company. They are one of Nigeria’s top tech recruitment agencies. Their goal is to help large-scale and start-up enterprises in Nigeria and other countries overcome their financial difficulties by carefully selecting and locating the best talent for their clients. They have the world’s most gifted personnel at their disposal. They provide top-notch services and support their customers all the way from the hiring process to the decision-making process. Their services are best suited to meet the needs of their customers and produce outcomes for various industries and enterprises.

2. KPMG Nigeria

KPMG Nigeria _ tech recruitment agencies in Nigeria

KPMG Nigeria provides hiring services as a component of their larger consulting services. They assist businesses in finding the best talent for their digital needs, with a particular emphasis on technology and digital transformation.

With a multidisciplinary approach and extensive, real-world industry experience, KPMG assists clients in overcoming obstacles and seizing opportunities.

Leading provider of professional services, KPMG Nigeria offers integrated solutions to their client’s problems through their specializations in audit, tax, and consulting services.

3. Jobberman

Jobberman _ tech recruitment agencies in Nigeria

Jobberman is one of Nigeria’s biggest job boards, providing a variety of hiring services, including IT job placements. Employers and job seekers are able to communicate more easily because of their user-friendly platform and comprehensive database. Jobberman was founded in 2009 and began as a platform for job searches and recruitment. Since then, it has expanded into a comprehensive career platform that provides online career advice, individualized HR solutions for businesses and individuals, and training services for job seekers. 

4. MyJobMag

MyJobMag _ tech recruitment agencies in Nigeria

MyJobMag is a recruitment agency with a well-established network of Nigeria’s top recruitment specialists. They provide a wide range of clients in the governmental, private, and not-for-profit sectors with recruitment services. Their aim is to link great companies with outstanding talent, whether it be through executive search or graduate recruitment. They have a large offline and online network, an updated and optimized candidate database, and more than ten years of industry experience.

5. Workforce Group

Workforce Group _ tech recruitment agencies in Nigeria

Workforce Group provides all-inclusive hiring services, including tech-specific hiring. To identify the greatest fit for companies and job seekers, they make use of their extensive network and knowledge. They have assisted some of the most significant and interesting organizations on the continent in locating essential talent, gaining access to cutting-edge counsel, and receiving the creative support they need to flourish in a competitive market. They help companies and organizations in a variety of industries, including technology, telecoms, oil and gas, and financial services, to improve company performance, optimize for growth, and produce remarkable outcomes. 

6. IRIS Consulting

IRIS Consulting _ tech recruitment agencies in Nigeria

IRIS Consulting offers specialized recruitment services with an emphasis on comprehending the particular requirements of tech organizations and connecting them with the appropriate people. Their tailored strategy guarantees placements of the highest caliber. They are among the top recruitment agencies, helping businesses and organizations seeking adequately qualified individuals find interested and competent candidates.

7. Proten International 

Proten International _ tech recruitment agencies in Nigeria

Proten International is a well-known global provider of management and human resource consulting services, offering a variety of advisory and transformational solutions. Their goal is to precisely match each organization’s people, process, and technology initiatives with its business plan and overarching goals. Since its founding in the UK in 2010, the company has grown throughout Europe and Africa, catering to a wide range of clients in the public and private sectors as well as in a number of different industries, such as banking, real estate, energy, FMCG, banking, insurance, and manufacturing. They opened a branch in Lagos, Nigeria, in 2015, and since then, they have given different organizations access to a variety of customized solutions.

8. BBC Consulting

BBC Consulting _ tech recruitment agencies in Nigeria

The consultancy arm known as Balogun Badejo Consulting Limited (BBCL) provides expert consulting services in the fields of information technology, management, finance and accounting, and human resources, among others.

One of the most important success factors in an organization’s overall operations is hiring qualified personnel. In this sense, they use their extensive industry knowledge to provide their valued clients with top-notch recruitment services. 

9.eRecruiter Nigeria

eRecruiter Nigeria _ tech recruitment agencies in Nigeria

eRecruiter Nigeria provides specialist hiring services for IT positions in a range of sectors. They believe that the core of their business is their customers. They are able to connect the right skills with the correct job opportunities because of their in-depth knowledge of the Nigerian labor market. Candidates can find employment on the official website for roles in sales, marketing, and other management functions. Because job ads on the website may be filtered to show only the most suitable opportunities, finding a job is even easier. eRecruiter boasts of having a high client retention rate.

10. RS Hunter Limited

RS Hunter Limited _ tech recruitment agencies in Nigeria

RS Hunter Limited aimed to offer expert and reasonably priced HR consulting services to various industries when it was founded in 2008. Initially, the company concentrated on helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) or businesses in need of skilled HR advisors to handle intricate HR problems. Over time they have grown to serve larger organizations as well, seeking the critical strategic HR help required to realize their corporate goals.

Whether as a project or on a retained basis, they specialize in providing workable solutions that highlight globally recognized best practices. 


Finding the proper personnel is essential for the tech industry’s sustained expansion and innovation in Nigeria, where it is booming. The knowledge, connections, and resources that these top 10 tech recruitment agencies offer will enable job seekers and employers to thrive in the cutthroat tech industry. These agencies are your go-to partners in 2024, whether you’re searching for your next tech career or top talent for your business.

Looking for the best recruitment agency in Nigeria to handle your recruitment needs? Contact us at Analogue Shifts to get started. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How do tech recruitment agencies in Nigeria help job seekers?

Tech recruitment agencies in Nigeria support job seekers by helping with the application process, matching them with suitable positions, and offering career guidance. They link candidates with opportunities that align with their abilities and career aspirations by utilizing their industry knowledge and networks.

2. What should I consider when choosing a tech recruitment agency in Nigeria?

Think about an agency’s reputation, industry experience, services provided, network of employers, and support offered during the hiring process when selecting a tech recruitment agency in Nigeria. Examining their success stories and testimonials from other job searchers is also helpful.

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