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Top 10 Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

Looking for engaging team building activities for your remote team? Check out our top 10 recommendations to boost team collaboration while working remotely.


With the rapid growth of remote work, the need for team collaboration has become more important. Team building activities designed for remote teams can help boost morale, communication and togetherness. Here are top 10 team building activities for remote teams to help create a stronger and more connected workforce.

What are Team Building Activities?

Team building activities are structured exercises or events designed to enhance social relations, improve team cohesion, and foster a positive team culture. These activities aim to build trust, improve communication, and increase collaboration among team members. 

Purposes of Team Building Activities

Here are some key purposes and types of team building activities:

  • To improve communication among team members. 
  • To build an enviroment of trust among team members.  
  • To encourage team members to work together effectively towards common goals.
  • To boost morale and create a positive work atmosphere.
  • To identify and understand the strengths and weaknesses of team members. 
  • To help team members develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. 
  • To encourage creative thinking. 
  • To reduce conflicts and foster oneness among team members. 

Team Building Activities for Remote Teams

1. Virtual Coffee Breaks

Virtual coffee breaks give remote team members an informal setting to interact and get to know each other better. With the use of video conferencing tools, teams can schedule regular coffee breaks. This allows them to chat about non-work related topics, share personal stories, and enhance interpersonal relationships. Remote team members can take a mental break from work and casually communicate with each other. 

2. Online Trivia Games

Online trivia games are a great way for remote teams to bond, as they boost team morale and encourage knowledge sharing. These games are available on platforms like Kahoot and Quizizz. You can create questions related to your industry, company history, or general knowledge. Trivia games are competitive, thus fostering teamwork and friendly competition. Guess what? They are also fun!

3. Virtual Escape Rooms

A virtual escape room is a concept that brings the thrill of an actual escape room into the digital world. They are online puzzles that teams solve together. These puzzles enhance communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills. Virtual escape rooms can be found on platforms like Escape Room in a Box and The Escape Game. They provide various themes and difficulty levels. Remote team members have to collaborate and communicate effectively to solve clues and “escape” within a set time.

4. Remote Team Building Workshops

Organize remote team-building workshops and hire professional facilitators to conduct them. These workshops can include activities focused on improving soft skills like communication, conflict resolution, and collaboration. Also, activities can focus on addressing specific team needs, guidance on team dynamics, and long-term development. 

5. Virtual Happy Hours

Virtual happy hours are organized for remote team members to relax, socialize, and unwind. Encourage team members to bring their favorite drinks and snacks. Also, consider including games or themed discussions. Virtual happy hours help team members reduce stress, as it encourages informal discussions. It is a great way to build friendship and trust in a team. 

6. Online Team Building Challenges

Remote team members can participate in online challenges such as fitness challenges, photo contests, or book clubs. These challenges foster healthy habits and create a sense of togetherness. Platforms like Strava provide fitness challenges while Goodreads offers book club activities. These platforms help track progress and allow for interaction.

7. Virtual Workshops and Learning Sessions

Organize virtual workshops on topics of interest, such as cooking classes, art workshops, or professional development sessions. Find out the workshops and learning sessions that your team members are interested in. These help team members take a break from work to learn other skills. Thus, promoting diversified learning. It also encourages remote team members to share skills and knowledge. Platforms like MasterClass or Skillshare offer a range of options. 

8. Remote Volunteer Projects

Team members can participate in remote volunteer projects. These projects can include online tutoring and virtual fundraisers. Remote team members can also create free digital content for non-profits. These projects help build team spirit, a sense of purpose, and promote social responsibility. There are various websites that offer remote volunteering opportunities such as CricketTogether and VolunteerMatch

9. Virtual Team Lunches

Virtual team lunches can be organized, where team members eat together via video call. Consider providing meal delivery vouchers to make it easier for everyone to participate. This informal setting allows conversations to flow easily and encourages team bonding.

10. Online Collaboration Projects

Assign small projects that require team collaboration outside of regular work tasks. These projects could be anything, from creating a team newsletter or working on a fun marketing campaign. This is a great way to foster creativity and strengthen teamwork. You can make use of collaboration tools like Trello or Asana to manage the projects.


Infusing team-building activities for remote teams is vital for maintaining a coordinated and engaged workforce. The above listed activities cater to various interests and goals. They enhance communication and problem-solving skills that foster personal connections and promote a positive team culture. Regularly engaging in these activities helps remote teams strengthen their bonds, improve collaboration, and create a more inclusive and supportive work environment.

Analogue Shifts is a remote talent acquisition company that provides remote talent and technical support to companies globally. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should remote teams engage in team-building activities?

The frequency of team-building activities depends on your team’s needs and workload. However, having these activities monthly or bi-weekly, can help maintain a strong team dynamic and keep morale high.

2. Can these activities be customized for different team sizes?

Yes, most of these activities can be customized to fit different team sizes. For larger teams, consider breaking into smaller groups to ensure everyone can participate and contribute effectively.

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