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Reasons Remote Job Seekers Overlook Your Opportunities

Discover why the right candidates may not apply to your remote job opportunities and learn how to attract top talent for your remote positions effectively.


Attracting the best candidates to your job postings is necessary for finding the right fit for your organization. As the recruitment market is very competitive, companies must attract qualified candidates to avoid time wastage. If you’re in a situation where job seekers are not applying to your job postings as you would like, you must find out why. Getting this knowledge will help you improve your recruitment strategies, which in turn will attract job seekers to your organization. Here are some likely reasons why:

  1. Your Remote Job Descriptions Are Not Clear Enough
    When your remote job postings are vague or contain too much jargon, potential applicants may not apply. No one likes a complicated job description. Hence, job seekers want to know exactly what a remote job role is about, without any hidden expectations. Knowing the exact qualifications, responsibilities, and expectations makes it easier for job seekers to apply to your job postings. Having ambiguous remote job descriptions can confuse candidates, hence,  they lose interest.
    What you should do
    Construct clear job descriptions devoid of ambiguity. Describe the role and requirements accurately. Also, make use of simple and clear language targeted to your audience. This will attract and encourage remote job seekers to apply.

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  2. Your Remote Job Postings Are Not Visible Enough 
    Job seekers may not be applying to your remote job postings simply because they can’t find them. Your job postings have to reach the target audience for them to be able to apply. You may be posting on outdated job boards with limited reach. Also, not promoting your remote job postings on social media and other channels can prevent applicants from seeing them.
    What you should do
    Make use of different job posting platforms like Analogue Shifts and LinkedIn to increase visibility. These platforms may include the company website, social media, and niche job boards. Also, carry out advert campaigns to reach your target candidates. 

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  3.  Your Compensation and Benefits Are Not Competitive
    To attract the best talent, you must offer competitive salaries and perks. Job seekers may not be applying to your remote job postings because your compensation package is not up to industry standards. Also, it could be that the salary does not meet their expectations. This deters them from applying, as they seek better offers. 
    What you should do
    Study the market to know if your compensation and benefits align with industry standards. You can also offer perks such as career development opportunities, health benefits, and flexible work options. This will attract and retain the best tech talent.
  4. Your Employer Brand is not Compelling Enough 
    Your employer brand says a lot about your company. A large percentage of job seekers look up companies before they apply. Not having a compelling employer brand showcasing the company’s vision, culture and strengths may discourage job seekers from applying. 
    What you should do
    Invest in creating an appealing employer brand by showcasing your company’s unique strengths and culture. You can also include testimonials from employees on why they love working in the organization.
  5. Poor Candidate Experience
    The candidate experience starts from the application process up until the final offer. According to a survey, 73% of job seekers find the job-hunting process stressful. If the application process is tedious, applicants might quit halfway through the process. Also, candidates who may have had poor experiences with your organization will most likely spread the word. This will discourage potential candidates from applying. 
    What you should do
    Consider making the application process process less tedious as possible. Also, foster a positive candidate experience by having a properly planned remote recruitment strategy in place. Candidates who have a positive experience will help improve your employer branding through their testimonials. 


There are several reasons why job seekers are not applying to your remote job postings. It is of utmost importance that you find out why. Addressing these reasons will increase your chances of attracting and retaining the right candidates. Additionally, having a well-planned recruitment strategy makes for a smoother recruitment process. 

Analogue Shifts is a talent acquisition agency dedicated to finding the best remote talent for our clients through innovative and strategic recruitment processes. Need help finding the right tech talent, feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I make my remote job postings more appealing to job seekers?
    You can make your remote job postings more appealing by showcasing the benefits and growth opportunities. Also, be clear about the role requirements and qualifications.
  • What role does employer branding play in attracting job seekers?
    Employer branding creates a picture in the minds of job seekers of how the organization works. Also, they get to see the company’s uniqueness and culture. It presents the company in an appealing way to job seekers.

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