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5 Spaces From Analogue Shifts in 2023


Analogue Shifts is a remote tech support and recruitment company. We connect tech talents to global opportunities. We hold Spaces monthly on X to discuss relevant issues in the world of tech.

Let’s reminisce on 5 spaces we held in the year 2023: 

5 Spaces from Analogue Shifts

1. Leveraging on Networking to Build Your Tech Career

spaces from analogue shifts 1- leveraging on networking

The world of tech is a fast paced and competitive one, having the skills alone may not be enough. People spend more time on learning skills and neglect the power of networking. 

Networking is connecting with people in your field to exchange information, ideas and opportunities. Learn from our seasoned speakers on how to make the most of networking to build your tech career. 


Oral Nnochiri– Microsoft Certified DevOps Trainer (Analogue Shifts)

Peace Solomon– Product Designer

Abdulwahid Lawal– Product Manager and HR Specialist.


Tori Temi– Product Marketing Manager (Analogue Shifts)

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2. Working in Tech, the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

spaces from analogue shifts 2- working in tech

Looking to start your tech journey? Get insights from our speakers on how they started their journey into tech, as well as the good, the bad and the ugly sides of the tech world. 


Olanrewaju Bakare– Technical Manager, BB Solar Tech.

Oreoluwa Adesanya– Research and Intelligence Analyst, Moneda Invest.

Timileyin Babalola– Mobile Developer, Blackcopper.

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3.  Is Remote Work Dying or Thriving?

spaces from analogue shifts 3- remote work

Is remote work dying or thriving? Does remote work enhance or reduce productivity? On this Space, we looked at the pros and cons of remote work. 


Fatai Sanni– Data Analyst

 Alex Oyebade– Co-founder and Lead Product Designer.

Kamaldeen Kehinde– Co-founder and Product Manager.

Alison Eyo–  Product Designer

Abdulwahid Lawal– HR Specialist and Product Marketing Manager.

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4. Tech Stories- “How I landed my first and best Tech job”

-tech stories

We know finding a tech job is not always a walk in the park. We had accomplished tech professionals share their stories of resilience, pursuit of passion and success in their tech journey. 


Dolapo Amusat– Associate Product Marketing Manager, Google. 

Norah Ikoh– Head of CX Operations, Kuda. 

Creative Steve– Senior Product Designer, Andela. 

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5. Survival Tactics Tech Enthusiasts Need for 2024

5 tech survival tactics

Navigating the world of tech successfully requires certain strategies and skills. Want to arm yourself with the survival tactics you need for the year 2024? We’ve got you covered! 


Raheemat Atata– Product Designer

Emmanuel Samuel– Technical Recruiter

Dr Iretiola Akerele– Founder and Cybersecurity Expert.

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We have a lot more content to share with you that will elevate your tech journey. Follow us @AnalogueShifts to stay connected and informed on our upcoming Spaces.

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Analogue Shifts is a Remote talent acquisition and recruitment agency. Our mission is to solve the problem of cost for Startups and Large scale companies abroad by sourcing the best talents for clients. We are equipped with the most talented work force across the globe and we are ready to work 24/7.



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