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Overcoming Bias in Tech Recruitment 2023 and Beyond

Uncover the hidden biases that exist in tech recruitment and learn proven strategies for overcoming them to promote diversity.


In today’s rapidly evolving tech industry, building a diverse and inclusive workforce is not only ethically crucial but also directly correlated with innovation and success. However, bias in tech recruitment remains a pervasive challenge, limiting the industry’s potential for growth. A study carried out by CodinGame and CoderPad revealed that around 65% of global professionals responsible for recruiting developers believe recruitment for technical roles have issues with bias. This is one of the common challenges in tech recruitment, and it is essential for organisations to implement strategies for breaking bias in tech recruitment and ensure a fair evaluation of candidates throughout the recruitment process. This article will explore practical approaches to fostering inclusivity, promoting equal opportunities, and cultivating diverse teams in tech recruitment.

What is Bias in Tech Recruitment?

Bias in tech recruitment is when tech recruiters form opinions about a candidate solely by their first impression. Whether it’s an opinion on which candidate seems easy going, well spoken or better looking, recruitment bias affects a recruiter’s decision, and it can have a negative effect on the organisation.

Before diving into potential solutions, it is essential to understand the types of bias that can permeate the tech recruitment process. Identifying and acknowledging these biases within ourselves can help in mitigating their impact:

-Conscious Bias: this is a type of bias that you are aware of.  An individual with conscious bias is likely to be explicit with their beliefs and attitudes and behave with clear intent.

-Implicit Bias: this includes unconscious prejudices that influence decision-making, often based on factors such as race, gender, age, or educational background.

-Confirmation Bias: a tendency to search for or favour information that confirms pre-existing beliefs or stereotypes about certain candidate profiles.

-Affinity Bias: forming a preference for candidates who share similar backgrounds, experiences, or interests, potentially overlooking those from different backgrounds.

-Halo Effect: allowing a candidate’s exceptional qualities in one area to overshadow their abilities or suitability for other roles.

Effective Strategies to Overcome Bias in Tech Recruitment

To foster equal opportunities and create a more inclusive tech recruitment process, organisations can employ the following strategies:

1. Revise Job Descriptions to be Inclusive

The first step in attracting diverse candidates is to create inclusive job descriptions. Consider the following tips:

-Use gender-neutral language: avoid gender-specific pronouns and biassed adjectives that may discourage potential applicants.

-Highlight required skills: focus on the skills and qualifications necessary for the role, rather than assuming specific traits or backgrounds are required.

-Promote diversity and inclusion: showcase your commitment to diversity by including a statement that emphasises equal opportunity and encourages diverse applicants.

2. Implement Blind Recruitment

Blind recruitment is a method aimed at removing bias by anonymizing candidate information during initial screening phases. Here’s how you can implement it:

-Remove identifiable information: remove names, gender, age, and other potential indicators of a candidate’s background during the initial screening process.

-Blind tech assessments: provide candidates with blind coding exercises, focusing solely on their problem-solving abilities and technical skills.

-Structured interviews: develop consistent interview questions that focus on objective evaluation and essential job requirements.

3. Diversify Recruitment Channels

Expand your outreach efforts beyond traditional platforms to attract a more diverse pool of candidates. Consider the following steps:

-Attend inclusive tech events: participate in conferences, workshops, and networking events that prioritise diversity and inclusion.

-Collaborate with diverse communities: establish connections with organisations and groups that specialise in supporting underrepresented communities in tech.

-Leverage social media: utilise platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to showcase your commitment to diversity and highlight job opportunities.

4. Train Recruiters to Recognize Bias

Providing bias recognition and mitigation training to recruiters can significantly impact the fairness of the recruitment process. Consider the following aspects:

-Unconscious bias training: educate recruiters about implicit biases and provide tools to recognize and overcome them. Regularly organise training sessions, workshops, and discussions on diversity and inclusion to ensure that eliminating bias remains a priority for your HR team and hiring managers.‍

-Structured evaluation criteria: develop clear guidelines and criteria for evaluating candidates to steer decision-making away from bias towards concrete qualifications.

-Diverse interview panels: ensure interview panels are diverse and representative to gather different perspectives, avoid groupthink, and minimise bias.


The importance of addressing bias in tech recruitment cannot be overstated. By implementing the above listed strategies, organisations can build diverse and inclusive tech teams that are better equipped to tackle the challenges of the industry. Embracing these initiatives not only leads to a more equitable hiring process but also drives innovation, creativity, and overall business success.

At Analogue Shifts, we are constantly working to overcome bias in tech recruitment through the implementation of these strategies. Let us handle your recruitment needs as we pave the way for a brighter, fairer, and more inclusive future in the tech industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1.  Can completely eliminating bias in tech recruitment be achieved? While it may be challenging to eradicate bias entirely, striving for continuous improvement and implementing strategies to minimise bias can lead to a fairer recruitment process.
  1. Why is diversity important in tech companies? 

 Diversity fosters a more inclusive and innovative workplace, bringing together varied perspectives, experiences, and ideas, leading to better problem-solving and increased business success.

  1. What is the risk of bias in recruitment?

 Hiring people who look, work, and act like you brings a limiting perspective to your brand vision and customer relationships. Hiring bias leads to reduced innovation, diversity of thought, and increased risk in making a bad hire.

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