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What You Must Never Do When Outsourcing Hiring

Discover the best practices of outsourcing hiring with this insightful article and enhance your organization’s recruitment success.

What is Outsourcing? 

Outsourcing is the business practice of hiring a party outside a company to perform services or create goods that were traditionally performed in-house by the company’s own employees and staff. 

Simply put, outsourcing is when a company hires a third party to perform tasks, handle operations or provide services for the company. 

It has become a common trend for businesses looking to find the right talent efficiently and cost-effectively to outsource their hiring. 

Why is Outsourcing Hiring Important?

The hiring process can be a long and tedious one for companies and truthfully speaking, most companies would rather prefer not to go through the process at all. Outsourcing then becomes the viable option as it has proven to have many benefits such as better efficiency, cost savings, faster hiring process and access to specialised experts. Statistics show that 70% of  businesses outsource to reduce costs. Who wouldn’t want that? 

What You Must Never Do When Outsourcing Hiring

There are certain mistakes you must avoid when outsourcing hiring to ensure that the process runs smoothly and you get to hire the best candidates. Here are some of the things you must never do: 

  1. Not Performing Due Diligence

 Never choose an outsourcing company without first researching their reputation, expertise and track record. Be sure they have a good past performance in your industry and the specific type of roles you are looking to fill.  Lack of time and the pressure to quickly fill a role may be reasons for not performing due diligence on the outsourcing company, but this may affect your business when unexpected outcomes occur. 

  1. Lack of Communication

Never assume that your outsourcing partner knows exactly what you want them to do without clearly communicating your hiring needs, expectations and company culture. Ensure you take the time to provide the outsourcing company with all the information they would need to carry out their given task and follow them up regularly. 

  1. Relying Solely on Cost Savings 

Never make the decision of going with a particular outsourcing firm solely because they offer the lowest price. While we understand that businesses are looking for ways to cut costs, it is important to know why you are paying less for outsourcing. Some outsourcing companies, who offer lesser fees, may also offer less value. Higher priority should be given to quality and value because having bad hires can affect a company in the long run. 

  1. Not Setting Clear Expectations 

Never skip the step of setting clear expectations and performance metrics with your outsourcing partner. Set dedicated communication channels that will assist you in checking in on their progress, as well as identify and solve problems that may arise. 

  1. Neglecting Data Safety and Security Measures 

Never neglect data safety and security measures when working with outsourcing firms. This is because these firms may need to access your company data and may put such data at risk if they do not have safety and security measures in place. 

  1. Ignoring Cultural Fit

Never place all your focus on skills and qualifications while ignoring the importance of cultural fit. It is important that candidates match your company’s culture as it allows for good working  relationships among employees and fosters a positive environment. 

  1. Overlooking Compliance and Legal Issues

 Never overlook the legal and compliance aspects of outsourcing hiring. Make sure your outsourcing partner complies with all relevant legal requirements in your industry and region such as data privacy regulations and labour laws. 

  1. Disregarding Candidate Experience

Never treat candidates poorly as this can affect your company’s reputation and prevent top talents from applying. 

  1. Not Involving Your Internal Team

 Do not completely remove your internal hiring team from the process. There should be a collaboration with the outsourcing partner to ensure alignment with your company’s expectations and culture. 

  1. Not Reviewing the Outsourcing Agreement

Never sign the outsourcing agreement without reviewing its terms and conditions. This is to ensure both parties go into the partnership fully aware of the terms of their agreement fully. 


These are some of the things you must never do when outsourcing hiring in order to avoid mistakes and get the best out of the process. Be intentional in choosing the right outsourcing partner for your needs. 

At Analogue Shifts, we are  committed to partnering with organisations to satisfy their hiring needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. What is the main purpose of outsourcing? 

Companies that outsource do so to save costs, improve efficiencies and gain speed. 

  1. What are the factors to consider before outsourcing? 

Some factors to consider before outsourcing are: cost involved, level of expertise and reputation of outsourcing partner, technology and resources, seamless communication and service-level agreement. 

  1. What is successful outsourcing? 

Outsourcing success greatly relies on having a good service provider. They should be able to meet your budget and have a good track record. There should also be effective two way communication between you and them. 

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